Our Goal

Our goal is to cut out as much of the overhead costs as possible from the traditional online rental and ecommerce platforms, and WAY more than your campus bookstore.

We figure it’s pretty likely a student in the year below you will need the textbooks you just bought, so why waste time and money shipping them to a warehouse when you can reduce your carbon footprint and just sell to someone already on your campus? Of course, if no one at your school needs your book, it happens, you can just ship it to someone further away.

Using Flexbook is easy:

  1. List your textbook, set a price YOU’RE happy with, and wait for someone to rent or buy it.

  2. Once someone has requested to rent or buy your book, you can accept and then arrange to meet somewhere like your school library or coffee shop to exchange the book.

  3. We offer a two-stage handover process and all payments are handled within the app through Stripe, so it’s not only easy but safe and secure.

“It’s like Airbnb for textbooks.”
“Flexbook is helping students to democratize textbooks.”
“The online retailers offered $8.84 for my psychology textbook but were selling it USED for $134, how does that work?”
“My first semester at business school cost $400 in textbooks, but the bookstore offered me like $100 for them all, in pristine condition. They would then sell my law textbook alone for $100 used.”
“Finally, a peer to peer textbook platform that actually works!”
“Growing up with Airbnb and Uber, this just makes sense.”